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12th-Apr-2010 02:17 am - It's oh so quiet.. Shh.. shh.. -_-'
LJ addict
It's oh so quiet..

Shh.. shh..

10th-Apr-2010 08:50 pm - robojournal
LJ addict
Since LJ doesn't has a client for Android itself, lets try Robojournal.. it's not as nice as the apps for windows mobile though...
13th-Jun-2009 09:29 pm(no subject)
LJ addict

I <3 pizza

Especially with lots of mozzarella! <3333
7th-Jun-2009 02:05 pm - Binky!!! :@
LJ addict
Binky ruined my pumps!!! He probably played with it and scratched it and maybe chewed on it!
Aaargh! My favorite pumps!!! :(
Binky!!! :@

26th-Jun-2008 12:11 am - Finally a new post
LJ addict
Damn... so much to tell.. but i want to write a short entry. some of you i'll contact by email op phone.
After a few days i got my phone back but i also got a new one, the MDA Touch Plus (t-mobile). yay ^_^
Kiki is going to Arnhem soon to study there next year.. i had a hard time when i realized that this will change a lot because i'm staying here for a long time on my own.
well more later, i'm too tired / lazy to write more... bye!
25th-Jan-2007 03:54 pm(no subject)
LJ addict
New layout.

made by pinkfish_graphx (which is me right now)

Carmy gave me her password and asked me to change her layout... she already did that like... 9 months ago?

so yeah.. i finally decided to start doing it, and it's done now
i wasn't really satisfied with the blue background color, but after trying to change it without succes i looked at it with different eyes(metaphorically speaking) and actually did like it

Carmen, if you want me to change anything, lemme know

also: i uploaded a bunch of new icons
i'll quite possible make you some more when i'm bored

(this is to show brian that things in pink on this layout looks... painful xD)
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